Simple Peanut Cookies Recipe - Resipi Biskut Kacang Tanah

Dayana Z | Friday, July 10, 2015 | 4Comments |
Presenting, peanut cookies! Or rather, biskut kacang tanah, biskut mazola or whatever you call it.
I made these yesterday and just got round to baking all the batter.
The recipe is really simple, this is my first time making it so, please excuse its looks, and I used super fine flour which was not suitable for the recipe as it didn't want to form a hard dough, so make sure you guys use just normal plain flour.

So for this recipe,

300g ground nuts, kacang tanah
250g plain flour, tepung gandum
200g fine sugar, gula halus
About 200ml of canola, corn or sunflower oil
A bit of salt (maybe one teaspoon?), sedikit garam
Egg yolk, telur kuning

Step 1: Fry without oil the ground nuts on the stove or bake it in the oven until just nice.
Goreng kacang tanah tanpa minyak.

Step 2: Blend the ground nuts.
Blend kacang tanah hingga halus.

Step 3: Mix nuts, sugar and flour together. Then add the oil bit by bit whilst forming it into a dough.
Campurkan semua kacang, gula dan tepung. Tambahkan minyak sedikit demi sedikit sambil cuba untuk buat dough daripada adunan. 

Step 4: Pinch a small portion from the dough, make into round shapes, place on a tray with a baking paper on it, and 'swipe' the egg yolk on top
Cubit sedikit daripada dough, kemudian buat bulat kecil, letak atas tray yang ada baking paper, kemudian sapukan telur kuning.
It's good if you have the brush for the egg yolk, makes it more even. I just used a spoon instead, hence the weird shapes on top of the cookies. I call it art.

Haha, ye je, malas nak cari berus sebenarnya sebab tengah packing barang.

Step 5: Bake at 190 degrees celcius, 15 to 20 minutes depending on your oven.
Bakar pada 190 darjah, 15 ke 20 minit bergantung pada jenis ketuhar. Betul kan ketuhar? 


  1. Suka sangat biskut nie.. Kacang tanah tuh boleh juga ditukarkan dengan kacang hijau..

  2. feberet ni tp nk buat agak kurang rajin di situ hihi

  3. sedapnya..yong suka bebnor makan biskut ni. sesetengah org pggl biskut mazola.

  4. wahhh senang jer rupanya cara buat dia... nnt nk try lah... bestnya! :D


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