Tips for Punctual Praying

Dayana Z | Wednesday, July 01, 2015 | 2Comments |
With varying prayer times in England (especially in Winter when the prayer times are so close together) we would especially need to pray on time just so that we do not miss it.
Untung orang Malaysia - tapi sebenarnya bila dekat Malaysia waktu solat tak vary sangat, kita tak sedar pun kepentingan solat awal waktu. 

I'd like to share some tips that I've read on how to keep our prayers punctual, inshaAllah.

1. Use technology
The usage of technology can vary, from using it for unproductive stuff - benda-benda lagha, or to help us towards the good. Nowadays, there are tons of prayer time apps that we can download, that tells us the prayer times and also make the adhan reminder for us.

2. Have wudhu
To have wudhu most of the time is good so that we are ready and prepared to join the jama'ah, or easily pray on time.

3. Set the alarm
Maybe we can try setting the alarm a few minutes earlier than fajr time, just so that we can hit the 'snooze' button before actually waking up. If you wake up easily, bonus points for you, you can do tahajjud before fajr time starts!

4. Best buddies! 
Let us all find friends around us that would willingly and happily remind us that it is time to pray. We all need some reminders now and again. We can also be those that are rewarded for giving helpful encouragement!


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