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I accumulated about £11 of Boots points, so I decided to use it on something I recently discovered which is lip crayon! What's really good about lip crayons are that they are just like crayons but to put a bit of colour on your lips, thus they look more natural I would say. The other thing is that I feel like I'm colouring instead of putting on make-up, which is fun.
So I got myself a Soap and Glory Gloss Stick in the shade Bashful (the third in the photo below)

Courtesy of:

I felt like the colour was most natural pink which could go with pretty much everything.
However, due to sunburn in the summer from Summer Training Camp and pretty much walking around in a high UV country i.e. England, the pink was quite light on dark lips thus does not really show.  To justify that England is a high UV exposed country, my transition lenses gets dark even when it's cloudy, and sometimes zauji says his eyesight dazzles - nak kata silau sebenarnya, when it's not really that bright outside.

So I googled for a natural tip to get lighter shade or pink lips to get rid of the sunburn on the lips and found the easiest one to do is this:

1. Add in a small bowl/cup, 1 teaspoon of honey
2. Add in 3 teaspoons of brown sugar (as exfoliator)
3. Add in a squeeze of lemon juice (as brightener) 
4. Mix them together, and you'll get something like this:

5. Scrub this on your lips, don't worry if you've made too much, you can keep it in the fridge as it lasts long.
6. Later, rub virgin olive or almond oil on your lips as they have a lot of benefits for your lips.

I'm going to try and do this whenever I can, and see the results soon inshaAllah.
This is fun, getting to play around with natural ingredients and making healthy stuff for the physical body (which gets left out during university term time). 

Do you have any other natural tips for anything else? Please do share in the comment box below!
Please share this tip too if you think someone else will benefit from it.

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  1. I had a look at those crayons just now and true, they're less sticky than lipsticks. Might even try them one day.

    Natural remedy tu, gtaulah jadi ke x tau! coz I'm too lazy to do home remedy, knowing most of the time they don't work.hehe


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