What can your instax do?

Dayana Z | Monday, July 06, 2015 | 3Comments |
I bought an instax camera a few months ago, and I have a dream of making journals or scrapbooks with it but I'm not really that creative (or I presume so).
People hardly write out journals these days.
These are some journal/instax camera ideas I found on Pinterest and would like to share them here!

This one is nice too, like a map with instax photos on.
How about you? What do you use your instax camera for? 


  1. dah lama nak beli camera instax. tapi sampai sekarang tak beli lagii..
    sebab suka sangat tengok yang gantung gambar kat tali tu. cantik !

  2. kite dah lama teringin nak instax ni. bukan kegunaan sendiri. tapi nak buat pops utk photoshoot. hikhik ^^

  3. a'ah kite nak buat utk photoshoot. hehe. selalu area Selangor dgn Melaka. Selangor sbb tikah duk kajang. Melaka sbb hometown. hikhik ^^


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