Zauji's graduation (AstonGrads)

Dayana Z | Wednesday, July 22, 2015 | 6Comments |
Today's Photolog is on Zauji's graduation.
On Monday, zauji and I went to Birmingham for his graduation day.
Alhamdulillah after 3 years of hardship, ups and downs in gaining knowledge, Monday was the day when these graduates are celebrated.

Our morning was a hectic one already, borrowing a camera from Kak F, then had to go to Earlsdon to get the tripod, then had to print documents at Warwick University, then sending two trolleys to Kak FH.
After all that, we went to Birmingham by Virgin train from Coventry.
The event started at 2.30pm and it was at the Birmingham Town Hall.
The graduation ended at about 4p.m. then we went taking pictures around Birmingham, and then returned the robe and had dinner.


  1. Tahniah kepada en Suami Dayana..

  2. Subhanallah, bestnye......graduation bersama, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! ohsemmm kan~
    All the best for next chapter, hehe~

    meh komen sikit entri nona ni :-


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