Life so far.

Dayana Z | Friday, October 02, 2015 | 3Comments |
I'm back in England, after 2 months of Summer holiday that seems so short.
I couldn't have imagine life getting as complicated as it is right now.
Subhanallah, may these tests make us stronger.

I'm not exactly sure should I make my story private, or share it to the world, because sometimes you feel better when you know that other people are facing something rather similar to what you're going through, and I like making people feel better.

Well, basically, I thought I'd be fine, being far apart and all, but it turns out to be quite tough, for both of us. So now we're planning to go for a month of holiday in Istanbul (which is like a dream come true). I've been to Istanbul once before, and I fell in love with the city so much I think I would want to spend more time there. I love the fact that there are beautiful mosques that we can go to, just to search for inner peace, and have a feel of the Ottoman empire history. Since I'll be going for one month, of course I won't be forgetting my assignment and studies. Got to focus. Final year is here.

Slotting in the image of Istanbul at night.

Life is short, a year is even shorter, but sometimes a day can feel ever so long.

I'm supposed to enter Redfern, which I just e-mailed to cancel. I cannot seem to make it difficult for everyone later in the year when Abang comes. So now I'm like a nomad again, like in the summer.
Thank you Allah for all these lovely people living in Coventry, inshaAllah I can get through this. I just have to be strong.

Home is where your heart is.

The search for a temporary stay inshaAllah has ended alhamdulillah, but now we have to search for our next temporary home after Istanbul.

This journey is amazing.


  1. Seronoknya dapat pengalaman hidup di negara 4 musim... hmmm betul tu, life is short. Tinggalkan yang duka, cari yang menggembirakan.

  2. heyy yan, be strong! I know it is quite tough but I know u can handle it very well. love youuu

  3. x pe susah dahulu pendapatan... insya allah percaya kepada-Nya dan dia akan permudahkan segalanya


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