Malu. Mana kita selama ni?

Dayana Z | Sunday, October 18, 2015 | 1Comments |
Malu sebenarnya tengok video ni.
Malu, dengan diri sendiri.

How can I say that I have not got enough, how can I say that I need more, when they do not have even water. Saudara kita, keluar agama, sebab nak cari air. Kita, buka puasa tak nak takat air kosong.
Terasa jauh sangat beza. Betul, tak salah mencari kesenangan hidup, sebab sahabat pun ramai yang kaya, seperti Abd Rahman Auf, Uthman ibn Affan, tapi kekayaan mereka bukan berhenti takat untuk diri sendiri.
Banyak lagi kita kena reflect dekat diri sendiri.

Please friends, spare 30 minutes to watch this documentary directed by Mohammed Zeyara. It will open our eyes, to the difference in our lives compared to theirs. In fact, this is only one village in the African continent, there are still many others.

Tons of meaningful messages for us in this documentary. What they're doing is simply amazing and inspiring, not only collecting donations, but also taking the time to provide us this half an hour documentary, and update on the project as well. It is not easy to truly feel hardship through only visual experience, but this is the best that we've got, to truly feel, to want to share the responsibility. And yes, I cried throughout the video.

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