The PURSUIT of truth.

Dayana Z | Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | 2Comments |
Since I've urged zauji to continue writing on his blog, I figured I should continue updating mine.
A month has passed since I arrived in England, and 45 days to go to Istanbul. I am counting days, yes, and as each day pass, some things become easier, and others get harder. Like going forward seems to be easier, but keeping up with studies are getting harder.

Yesterday I had to cook for my packed lunch, and then I thought back to the days when I was living with zauji, together in our apartment. When did we cook? Turned out that I used to cook on weekends and on days that I would go back home early from university. Zauji would help cook too, on days I feel overwhelmed and stuff. Things sure is not easy when you have to handle them alone.
Alhamdulillah for my roommate who wouldn't mind sharing the food that we would cook, so sometimes I skip some cooking.

Talking about things being hard, Kak N asked me to watch a video by Nouman Ali Khan, and he talked about the pursuits in life. To summarize, all we have to do is to keep going, and continue that pursuit, be it pursuit of excellence, of impact and finally of truth. Because in the end, when human beings only judge you based on results (graduation, CVs, all looking at your results), Allah however, looks at your EFFORT.
PURSUE. With effort.
A special note he made to the sisters was, to calm down, and not worry too much about the results, and know that the effort will be all worth it when standing in front of Allah.

Yeap, just what I needed when things are starting to become difficult.
45 more days to go to Istanbul!
I'm hoping to make a travelog out of the one month visit to that beautiful historical city.
Any wishes on what I should comment on? Do make a note on the comment section below :)

A picture of us driving up to Scotland.
This is at all not related, but I just miss our travel moments together. It is true when they say, money is spent best on travelling!
Assalamualaikum guys.


  1. Best nyerrrrr... g cappadocia x nnt? Kalu melawat pusara ahmad ammar, smpi kn alfatihah kami kpd arah

  2. wahh bestnye yan nk g istanbul. video bnyk2 sikit hahaha atleast tk pegi pn nmpk ko ad sna feeling cm g jgk hahahah anywayy, skrg pn rsa cm busy je bnyk bnda nk kena handle. but then hypnotize diri blek jgn stress2. klu kite ad effort yg lebih insyaAllah gnjarannya pn lebih haha


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