Already half of the first term!

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Week 5 was last week, so I have 5 more weeks to go to end this Autumn term. Believe it or not, my heart is already in Istanbul.

Last Saturday I helped out at the Scarman House kitchen for Warwick Conferences. It was my first time entering a big restaurant kitchen, like the ones you see on cooking shows like Masterchef.
From this website.

I was just helping out packing lunch. Adding into a paper bag a sandwich, one fruit, a cereal bar, a bottle of water and one pasta pot. How healthy, I know.

From this website:

The kitchen smelled really good. Despite being big, it wasn't very busy, not like in Masterchef. There were a few chefs, people in charge of doing the dessert, there were kitchen porters, but nope, nobody was screaming.

I spent about 4.15 hours packing 200 pack lunches with a new friend from Spain, with the chance to smell good food and to eye on good desserts in their -19 degree celsius fridge! Time well spent alhamdulillah. 

Hope to get more opportunities like this to earn extra cash! 


  1. ni ko keje part time ke ape yan? bestnyeeee tengok dapur besarrr

  2. @eyjalukman
    Haah kerja part time :) Tula first time masuk dapur macam dalam tv hehe.

  3. Kalu sy mesti da teruja msk dapur cm tu feeling2 chef gitu...

    Byk nyerrr


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