How to build self-esteem?

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I am taking today for granted because I have Monday off. So I'm cleaning the room and found some tips on how to increase self-esteem, and jotting them down on here.
Many people battle with negative thoughts and low self-esteem, including myself sometimes
So hopefully these tips will help me and you guys out there :)

Building self-esteem might be difficult, but with these techniques, you can slowly grow out of your comfort zone.

1. Do something you enjoy
Do something you're good at to increase your confidence, this can be paid work, a hobby or volunteering.

Volunteering as Warwick Volunteers in the Bake it up! Project.

2. Build positive relationships
Associate yourself with people who will not criticise you, and who you feel able to talk about your feelings. If you spend time around positive and supportive people, you are more likely to have a better self-image and feel more confident. I personally see this in western style parenting, where parents encourage their children a lot, talk to them like adults, and in turn, they mature and develop their vocabulary and self-confidence really quick. Even in university, after doing class presentations, no matter how it went, my team mates would always say we did great. Now imagine if I was back home, I can imagine the team going, "We did so bad... We could have done better..."

Warwick Islamic Society Poets, 2014. We got into the Warwick Diversity Calendar!

3. Learn to be assertive
Being assertive means you value yourself and others, and can communicate with mutual respect.
- Pay attention to your body language as well as to the words you say, be open and confident.
- Express feelings if you have been upset, wait until you feel calm and explain clearly how you feel.
- Learn to say no to unreasonable requests
- Tell people if you need support in completing a task

Charity Week volunteering - helping orphans and needy children, one of my platform in creating self-worth

4. Look after your physical health
Being healthy helps make you feel happier and improve your self-image. Physical activity releases endorphins - the feel good hormones. Lack of sleep too can cause you to become less confident.
Eat a well-balanced diet, at regular meal-times with plenty of water and vegetables will make you feel healthier and happier.

5. Set realistic goals - challenge yourself!
You will feel satisfied and proud of yourself when you achieve your goal and will feel more positive about yourself!

6. Focus on positive things
List positive things about yourself, things that you have, that you've achieved, things that you do.
Focus on your strength.

What can friends and family do to help?

If you have a family member or a friend that has low self-esteem, you can:

1. Show them that you care about them - listen to them, spend time with them.

Family Europe Trip back in Spring 2015

2. Remind them of positive things - you can't change someone's perception of themselves, but you can remind them of their good qualities.

3. Avoid blame - Don't let people with self-esteem blame themselves for something that has happened. Tell them that it is not their fault.

4. Be patient - self-esteem takes time to build up, they need reassurance.

5. It is okay to feel bad at times - nobody feels happy and confident all the time, but tell them don't be under pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations.

Friends that you can trust.
The above is from Mind, the mental health charity for England and Wales.
If you do feel like you need professional support, please do visit


  1. dayan, your post made my day :) I miss the old time when we talk to each other.

  2. Yg no 5 tu mungkin sukar utk aeseorg tp utk kebaikan ms dpn kena buat jg thanks 4 sharing ;)


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