28 Days of Istanbul, Part 1

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I'm going to share my Istanbul journey here on my blog, and if you do read it hopefully you'll find something beneficial from it.

P/s: If you're not bothered to read, do wait for a video which I hopefully will share soon.
Also, all photographs are mine and unedited due to me being not bothered enough - except the only one underneath because it was uploaded to Instagram.

Day 1
The airplane took off from Birmingham International Airport at 8.50AM on Saturday, 12th December 2015. I had a one hour transit in Frankfurt, and then another 2 hours plus flight, arrived in Istanbul on the same day at 4.30PM GMT+2.

The feeling when you finally get to meet with your husband again, after looking at him through the computer screen for 78 days, is just priceless. I wish I recorded the moment.

We took the Istanbul Metro to Aksaray, and then a taxi to our place in Unkapani.
I used Airbnb to find our long-term accommodation, which is great, because it serves just like home.

Our day one was just settling down, getting our things out of the bag. Well, we are going to be here for about one month.
With the help of the caretaker of the apartment, we found a few shops nearby, bought fruits, vegetables, bread and cheese!

I didn't know Istanbul makes good cheese - although I cannot compare to ones I have tasted in Switzerland, still, they do make lots of dairy products like cheese and yogurt.
Their salty milk, is called Ayran.

Day 2
Our breakfast for the day - the salami has pistachio in it!
We are just being lazy, so we only went to look around the area, went on foot to find some sort of a car boot here in Istanbul, which then led to us to Eminonu, where there's the Spice Bazaar, a bus and tram interchange, lots of other shops, and two mosques in the background.

The view of our path

We tried some sort of bread pizza which, silly me I didn't ask for its name.

Surprising and sadly, there were lots of people smoking in the Eminonu Square, so we had to change our sitting spot a few times to finish the bread pizza thing.

We smelled very good food by the streets, like the Balik Ekmek, which is grilled fish I believe, and lots of kebabs and koftas, and also grilled chicken. We finally chose the grilled chicken to take home for dinner.

Day 3

We went to the Topkapi Palace on Monday, waited for some of our Malaysian friends but unfortunately our timings just couldn't match so we didn't get to meet in the end. However, we got the chance to pray at the Blue Mosque. After that, Abang and I decided to walk along the tram lines to find lunch. We walked for 3km from Sultanahmet to Aksaray tram station, then finally found the place where we wanted to eat.

We took a chance to head to a place called Topkapi, where the Panorama 1453 museum was located.
There we learned about the history about the starting of the Uthmaniyyah reign in Istanbul. It is certainly amazing, listening to stories of real amazing people. How some did have doubts about conquering Constantinople while others wanted to fulfil the Prophet's prophecy so much and believed in Muhammad al-Fatih.

On the same day, we bought two Turkish ice creams, one costed us 10 Liras, while the other only for 3 Liras. The one that costed us 10 was from Sultanahmet, yikes, I know. The one with 3 Liras was near the Panorama museum, quite far away from Sultanahmet - the centre of tourist attraction.
Nevertheless, the ice creams tasted really good! We also tried Sahlep, a treat from the guy selling the ice cream, its a sweet milk, with sprinkles of some sort of herbs on top?

Day 4
This day is particularly an interesting one. We wanted to buy only 3 things so we took the bus to Fatih. We then figured we should take a look at the Fatih Mosque, but just in the area, we were stopped by a Syrian child. She was hungry, and she asked us to feed her. We asked her what did she want to eat, in the end, she chose fries and chicken. She must be in a desperate state, where asking strangers for food is her option. She did not understand English, so we used Arabic instead. We asked her where she lived, she said by the sea but she looked sad, so we stopped asking, and waited for the food to arrive.

The Syrian girl
When she ate, she offered me some of her fries. Despite being hungry and in a weak position, she wasn't greedy or selfish. She even asked me to dip the fries into her mayonnaise and ketchup.
She couldn't finish all of the food, so she took some home.
She's 6 years old, and her eyes displayed strength and courage - which a six year old can only gain through the experience of being independent, through the need of it.
We then ate our lunch too, then continued to head on to find the three things that we needed.

Being a girl, I stopped into a clothing store (unplanned) because I figured I needed a lightweight jacket and got myself a leather one! The store's called LC Waikiki, and I'm loving it because it is like Primark in England but with all these long dresses and shirts, pants and skirts, suitable for muslimah wear. Made me feel more like settling down here in Istanbul.

We then continued walking, bought ourselves some Turkish towels from the brand Karaca Home (also unplanned). We walked all the way down the long road, I can say for about 3km, and finally found what we needed to get - a HDMI cable - because we don't understand Turkish TV channels.

Istanbul cats are fat.
On the way back we got ourselves a Pistachio Chocolate Honeymoon Cake just for us!
It tasted really good, and how I wish I can share it with everyone!

Our Pistachio Chocolate Honeymoon Cake

Day 5
Today is a lazy day. Hence I am sitting down and blogging in front of my laptop.
I figured I should start on my essay, but it's 10PM now, and I'm bound to be sleepy once I finish typing all this.

Well, inshaAllah tomorrow is another day!


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    1. Suhu siang haritu 11 degrees celcius. Bila malam dia lebih sejuk :)

  4. teringat dulu pernah pergi sana. dan kucing2 kat sana gemoks. best2


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