Dyson Cordless Vacuum | Black Friday UK Deals

Dayana Z | Friday, December 04, 2015 | 2Comments |
Week 9 of term!
Alhamdulillah, can't believe it I have managed this far considering my initial situation of not knowing where to stay, whom to stay with, when would I meet my husband again...
InshaAllah all of that have been answered and planned.

Last Black Friday, I got myself a Dyson cordless vacuum, specifically the DC440.

This clever little thing weighs only about 2.3kg.
Before using it you'd need to charge them on a wall mount provided, then you can vacuum for about 20 minutes of efficient vacuuming. It won't die straight away after.
For those having back problems this is a good vacuum to purchase.
I got mine for £179.99 from Argos. I'm not sure about the price in Malaysia.
I have not opened the box yet though because I'll probably make a mess, and then I would need to put everything back in the box since I'll be moving out soon.

I'll probably write a review after using it.

Do you have a favourite vacuum yourself?
Comment in the box below ;)!


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