Rode Smartlav+ Unboxing and Shopping in Coventry

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Ending nomad-ness

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Assalamualaikum everyone!

The winner of the Turkish Delight giveaway was announced on my Instagram, the winner is Nur Najihah, congratulations to you :)! Sorry for the delay on announcing it here.

This post is actually, to record inshaAllah the end of my nomad-ness.
I've been moving home a lot, and tomorrow inshaAllah I'll settle down in a house for the next six months. Gonna make myself comfortable there inshaAllah.

Funny how the final year of your degree can be this 'wild'.

Can't wait to record more videos once everything is settled.

Turkish Delight Giveaway | #28daysofIstanbul

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Assalamualaikum lovely people!
It is coming towards the end of our 28 days in Istanbul, so my husband and I would like to give one box of Turkish Delight worth around RM80 for one lucky winner! This giveaway is open to residents of Malaysia or the United Kingdom.

Here are the steps for you to enter:

1. Follow, my InstagramMuhammad's Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube channel by simply clicking HERE, and follow Muhammad's flickr. (do whichever possible)
2. Create a blog post with the title "Turkish Delight Giveaway | #28daysofIstanbul", with the banner above and link it to this blog post here.
3. Post your blog post link down in the comments section.
4. Capture one photo according to theme 'My Favourite Activity' eg. a person eating Roti Canai because you love to eat Roti Canai, or someone running because you love running. Though, it doesn't have to be somebody else it can also be you.
5. Post the photo to instagram, add in the hashtag #turkishdelightgiveaway (please double check your spelling so the photo does not go missing) and tag @dayanazahari and @muhammad_mroslan.
6. Aim to get the highest number of likes possible.

The competition closes on 21st January 2016, 3PM GMT+8 (Kuala Lumpur).

The winner is chosen based on the most number of likes (50%) and creativity and originality of photo (50%).

We will announce the winner on 22nd January 2016, 10PM GMT+8 (Kuala Lumpur), on our Instagram, and a bit later on this blog inshaAllah.

If you want to try these delicious turkish delights, please do join the giveaway!
We greatly appreciate it!

For questions, the easiest is to tweet me at @dayanaazahari or, reach me via any other means.

Segmen Bloglist & Blogwalking By Beautiful Of Iman

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Click on the banner to join!

Psst: Our Turkish Delight giveaway from Istanbul is still ongoing! Join now, to taste Turkish Delight from Istanbul! 

Istanbul, a reunion and a game changer.

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Let me take a break from reading about 'Equality and Diversity' in the labour market.

The 28 days in Istanbul is soon coming to an end, so here I decide to sit down, and write about Istanbul, but not just about Istanbul, rather Istanbul and me.
Istanbul has affected me in so many ways. Last two years, it gave me like a breeze of fresh air, a sense of hope for the ummah.
This time round, it has given me an inclination towards no other than excellence. 

This period of nearly one month in Istanbul is a reunion of myself and my husband, after nearly 3 months being thousands of miles apart. That in itself has made me grow. Being the first born child, I know what independent meant, I was taught how to make important decisions in life, my plans and my goals have always been valued by my parents. However, the moments being separated from someone called 'husband' taught me to become independent in a different way. It is rather difficult to explain, but it made me grow. I think it made both of us grow.

I experienced 'new year' in Istanbul.
So many people talked about new year resolutions.
And here I am, still trying to figure out what I want to become, is difficult for my resolution planning.
I have too many hobbies, too many dreams, too many things that I want to do and can do.
I know myself as the jack of all trades but master of none. So how can I choose which one do I want to strive and focus on? This was tough. This is still tough.

But Istanbul gave me a chance at reflecting on all of this, together with my husband.
We went from having moments of thinking; we're not good anything, to moments of; wanting to do so much and knowing that we can!

After all of this, I think I've made my decision, but I know the ultimate decision comes from Allah, and I know even if I've got the path planned out, it changes.
Because my path will be made based on my priorities in the future,
and Allah knows what's best then.

A special thanks to a very good friend of mine, also pouring her heart out in this matter.
You know who you are.

SEGMEN : Jom Tukar Bloglist by Lyssasecret.Com

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Nak join Segmen ni ? 50 blogger yang terawal dan mengikut kesemua syarat akan terpilih ! First come . First serve ! :D

Caranya mudah sahaja !


1. Buat SATU entri bertajuk --->  SEGMEN : Jom Tukar Bloglist by Lyssasecret.Com
2 . Kemudian , ikut step seterusnya di blog Lyssa ye ---->

Turkish Soap Haul | DayanaZahari

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Watch and read the description Youtube.

Chosen Participants of Dayana's Jan-Mar 2016 Blog List

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Assalamualaikum everyone! have chosen these 20 people for my Jan-Mar blog list!
Thank you so much for entering, I appreciate it so much.
For those who weren't chosen, I'm going to open a new blog list request for April - May in March inshaAllah!

Congratulations guys!


TRAVELOG: Snow in Istanbul | DayanaZahari

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Hello lovely people, this video is one of my travelog videos. There are no commentaries to it because I'm not feeling very well - I went out to play in the snow whilst having flu, and fever almost. Hopefully you enjoy the scenery in the videos and the photos taken.

I am in the process of upgrading my equipment for photography and videography. Hopefully this would make you guys happier watching more upcoming videos, so make sure to subscribe and click thumbs up if you like the snow! 
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List of Dayana's Jan-Mar Blog List Participants

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Happy new year everyone. Alhamdulillah, a year older, hopefully, a year wiser.
As I've promised today would be the last day for the blog list search, so here are the the lucky people who have entered to be in my blog list. Massive thanks to you!
I will choose twenty people loved by tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

P/s: A new video on my Youtube channel will be uploaded in a few hours time.



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Another giveaway!

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