Ragdoll Breeder in Malaysia

Dayana Z | Thursday, August 04, 2016 | 0Comments |
I've been wanting to own a Ragdoll since I first watched the Cats 101 show on Pet Planet, I can't believe now I have three and will soon be four! If you're interested to own a Ragdoll, contact me at fb.com/ragacrystallragdolls

Two of my Ragdoll babies are from England, they are the ones who was with me and Abang during our summer before we go back for good. They are Dora and Arthur. 



Then came Aryia, whose parents are from Poland. 

And then soon to arrive will be Allyss from New Zealand (the one is purple collar second from the right). 


These babies make me laugh every single day. Too cute and too addictive.
You can follow their progress on their Facebook page fb.com/ragacrystalragdolls or their Instagram, www.instagram.com/ragacrystal_ragdolls.

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