Healthy Food Search at ISETAN, KLCC

Dayana Z | Monday, January 16, 2017 | 0Comments |
Today's lunch hour was the first time I went to look around the Isetan Foodmarket, after almost 4 months working in KLCC.

I was on a healthy food search! 

But I did find what hearts desire ;) - wide choice of ice cream!  

Insaf sikit, went back to look for healthy food, healthy cereals, looking good.

I'm not sure how the price of groceries in Isetan Foodmarket compare to other big retailers like Tesco, Giant etc. out there. What I do know is that, there's plenty of options of imported foods here. Be it from Europe or Asia.

Continuing with the healthy food search, I found healthy organic grains - which I'm clueless on preparing them, hence I might not buy any in the near future.

Alas my lunch of the day is a variety of salad from the salad bar.

Which costed me RM9.49 for a mid-sized, not so full bowl.

Here's what I ate, there's fruit salad, potato salad, there's broccoli, a little bit of pasta, and brussel sprouts. They were quite delicious. 

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