Beli Petpet MURAH di Lazada!

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Bahagianya shopping!
Siapa yang tak suka shopping kan, perempuan ke lelaki ke, sama je kalau bab dapat barang baru mesti gembira.
Disebabkan dah berjanji dekat diri sendiri tak boleh shopping sesuka hati dan perlu berjimat cermat hidup sekarang ni, makanya Mama Naurah ni shopping disposable diapers online jelah - itu pun dah bahagia.

Kalau beli Petpet Newborn 1 pek 62 keping di kedai harganya dalam RM31 satu pek.
Tapi, Mama Naurah jumpa offer di Lazada, 4 pek x 62 keping hanya RM76.90 sahaja, kos pos RM5, total RM81.90 sahaja. Maknanya, satu pek RM20.475!


Sesiapa yang nak cari barang baby di Lazada bolehlah KLIK DI SINI!

Link untuk shopping barangan bayi murah-murah:

Anda pula shopping diapers di mana? Brand apa yang anda gunakan? Jom kongsi di ruangan komen di bawah.

Pre-natal Check Up Experience at Az-Zahrah and KPMC

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Because I have benefitted reading other people's blog post on their experience going for check-ups in hospitals, I shall share mine too.

For my first ever pre-natal check up, I went to Klinik Desa and Klinik Kesihatan Sg Chua. The waiting time was bearable, but of course, you'd have to take the day off of work if you're a working mom. I wasn't working yet at that time so I went with Ibu. The doctor was a young GP. She asked questions thoroughly, and wrote a lot of things in the pink book. The check up was totally FREE. If I wasn't working, I would have continued going to government clinics for check up because their service is alright.

For the next few check ups after that, I went to Kajang Plaza Medical Centre (KPMC), my appointments were with Dr Anitarina. She's soft spoken, motherly and would always explain things thoroughly. I like her. My check up was always on a Monday night. KPMC was a bit gloomy and the air conditioning to me was not cold enough - which I could still tolerate. One thing that got to me was that there's no tissue in or near the toilet at the ground floor, but at the nurses' counter which I thought was inappropriate. Halfway through my pregnancy my mom's friend who's a doctor, recommended two doctors in Hospital Islam Az-Zahrah, Bangi, so I tried going to Az-Zahrah. 

At Az-Zahrah I chose Dr Fazlina because when I called to make an appointment I was told that she's available on Saturdays. I prefer weekends or weekday evenings because I didn't want to use up my annual leave for check ups. I tried for a check up with Dr Faz. The doctor seemed professional, and the hospital is clean and bright too. I continued my check ups with Az-Zahrah, reason being, all the OB doctors are women. I don't know how doctors work, but if I had to deliver at odd hours, I don't want a man as an on-call doctor. 

Dr Faz gets straight to the point when she wants to tell you something which I thought was a bit scary at first, but as I get to know her over a few check ups, she's actually nice. She explains things well too. I could always ask questions, but I understand she has a long queue waiting outside, so she had to explain things quite fast. After sessions with her, I would google things I still don't quite understand. Dr Faz delivered my baby girl, Naurah. Despite being in labour pain, I got to notice how Dr Faz was in control of the whole situation, she knew how to handle the nurses and her strong aura was passed on to me which made my final labour process easier. 

In terms of cost, of course the cheapest would be government clinics with no fee at all. Az-Zahrah is a bit more expensive compared to KPMC - I think, but only around RM30-50 more.
In terms of recording and writing things in the pink book, both doctors in the private hospitals did not write as much as the doctor at the government clinic.
At the private hospitals, I got to scan my baby during every single appointment. I heard ultrasound scan is only for specific weeks for check ups at the government clinics.

If you have queries regarding things that I have not mentioned, do drop them in the comment box below.

I shall write about the experience of being in labour in another post. Till next time.

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