Day 9 in the life under Restricted Movement Order

Dayana Z | Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 0Comments |
Today's Day 9 after the government announced the Restricted Movement Order ("RMO").

Alhamdulillah there's still enough food (or maybe more than enough).
Today we ate Nasi Ayam.

Grocery stores are still open, though no more visiting malls and other leisure areas.

Naurah wants to go to Gymboree already.

Mia Durrah is exploring all the places in the house.

The bread, face masks and hand sanitizers have became quite scarce at the shops. Other things may not be stocked up as fast too. Tried calling the banks' customer service centre, the bot that answered mentioned "system down". Maybe everyone is still adjusting with working from home.

I still don't know how people, especially mothers without maids, and with small children could work from home. Their husbands would be working too right? So who'll be taking care of the crying, hungry and bored children? Still haven't figured this one out.

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